Kroger Grocery Warehouse – 634 W. Main St., Madison, WI

634 W. Main St.
Madison, WI

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The Kroger Grocery Warehouse is a four story brick building constructed with heavy timber interiors in 1917 at a cost of $38,000 by an early grocery wholesaler, Gould Wells & Blackburn. Located next to the rail yards of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad, the building served a succession of grocery distributors including the Kroger Company until its conversion to office space for lease.

The Kroger Warehouse with its brick structure, pine timbers, and maple floors memorializes the early railyard history of Madison. Offices for the warehouse were located on the first and second floor of the building facing south. Train cars unloaded all freight on the west side of the building at a railroad siding which paralleled the building.  Today the advantage of this former railyard location continues to be railroad right of ways which provide routes for  the heavy fiber optic cables  entering and leaving Madison for all points on the world’s internet fiber routes.

Today, the building is fully leased after a substantial renovation completed in 2011. Please contact us for information about any future availability.